Microscopic Endodontic Treatment

Dental Operating Microscope

A dental operating microscope enhances and facilitates all phases of endodontic surgery by magnifying the soft and hard tissue, making even the smallest piece of tooth or gum clearly visible. This allows your endodontist to diagnose problems in the earlier stages of a disease process, perform procedures at a greater level of precision, and reduce the need for retreatment.

Benefits of Dental Operating Microscopes

Improved View: Dental operating microscopes make minute details and fine structures clearly visible, enabling your endodontist to visualize high-contrast and natural images. Better vision is the key to improving the quality of the examination and the treatment. The illumination puts light where it is needed. Even root canals are illuminated and magnified.

Improved Imaging: A picture is worth a thousand words. Images captured using a dental operating microscope during an examination are an excellent communication and education tool in helping you to better understand your diagnosis and why certain treatments may be necessary. It facilitates a step-by-step explanation which creates a high level of trust between you and your endodontist. After all, seeing is believing.

Our use of a dental operating microscope is just one part of our commitment to providing you with the highest level of endodontic care and the best, longest-lasting results.